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Created and performed with three Iranian performers during Fadjr International Theatre Festival, 2018

The veil in front of our eyes.
Veil as hijab.
A veil as the border between private and public.
A veil as the theatre curtain, hiding and revealing what's happening behind the scenes. The private made public.
A veil to hide or protect, like invisible borderlines between the private and public sphere, allowing some to enter, others not.
Like the skin is a veil covering the skeleton, organs, nerves, thoughts and emotions.

Mahan Veil.jpg

Pictured Golnoosh Ghahremani, rehearsal photo

Mahan och Negin Veil.jpg

Created by My Johansson in collaboration with the performers
Performers Golnoosh Ghahremani, Mahan Arrafi, Negin Tabarra
Sound B.D. and Spice Girls
Costume My Johansson
Thanks to Shabnam Shirzadi,

Arvand Dashtaray, Azadeh Mirzaei, Kimia Khatibzadeh, Lida Bonakdar, Ashkan Mehri, Edouard Sors,

Olivier Keller, Barry Davis

Produced and supported by

Fadjr International Theatre Festival

Premiered 19 January 2018

at Aftab Hall, Teheran, Iran

Pictured Mahan Arrafi and Negin Tabarra, rehearsalphoto

Fadjr loggo.PNG
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