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Pictured Kitty Graham, Pam Borg

Slightly out of yourself
Time that pass in a different speed
A body that does not work the way it used to do
-further disorientation
What is your body?
What is mine?
Cannot tell
Am one with the surrounding space
Up is down
left and right is gone
Sometimes even the room
Where am I
Who am I..
The space?
I could be you
I am the space
Nothing makes no longer sense
– Epoh



Created by My Johansson 

In collaboration with and performed by Pam Borg, Kitty Graham

In collaboration with composer jozefaleksanderpedro

Part of the creative team Daniel Cooley

Additional cast Camilla Apeland, Felicity Kerr, Conrad Taylor

Costume Carina Johansson, My Johansson

Light technician Ashley Bolitho

Photo Charlotte Fransson Gyllbäck, Carina Johansson

Special thanks to Tony Thatcher, Fay Patterson

Supported by Kultur i Tiomilaskogen,

Fattigskogens Vildmarksby, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan

Premiered 22 May 2013, Laban, London


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