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Pictured Lorea Burge, My Johansson

What happens after what was not supposed to happen, happen? How do we go further from there? How do we keep living? How do we go on? And where does this take us? – My intention is not to freak you out, all I need from you is simply to be human. 

Pictured My Johansson

Created by My Johansson

Performed by My Johansson, Masako Grey/

Felicity Kerr

Solo version performed by Masako Grey

Artistic advice Kitty Graham

Photos Nicola Fortunati

Replacements Lorea Burge, Tania Soubry

Thanks to Sarah Hoyle, Marina Collard,

Anne-Gaȅlle Thiriot


With support from Dans Scen Konst Landstinget Dalarna, Korda Art Productions, SITE Sweden, Longfield Hall, O2 Think Big

Premiered 12 Juni 2014, Folkets Hus, Stjärnsund, Sweden


Pictured Lorea Burge 

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