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Negotiating space

Negotiating space explores fluids and its affect on the human body when in dysfunction. Focusing on the strands of “no space”, stuck energy, transformation and struggle, the choreography has a repetitious pattern to it, juxtaposing the underlying quality of fluidity. Repetitious almost as in a spiralling sense of the urge to completion, to push through the stuck phase to enable transformation into the next. As if spirals are circles trying to complete themselves.


“If a living circulation is interrupted, a totality is broken into and the linear chain of cause and effect as an inorganic law is set in motion”-Linda Hartley


Created and performed by My Johansson

Sound score The inner rhythm of the body and the outer sounds of

the environment

Film Simon Alleyne-Living Witness

Photos Josh Tomalin, Simon Alleyne-Living Witness

Landscaped for 2015 special edition by Zoi Dimitriou and Mata Sakka

Light design for 2016 special edition Donald Hutera

Scenography for 2018 Xarkis version

Koilani Village and Ayia Mavri Winery

Special thanks to Kate Johnson, Clare Baker, Jonathan Caruana, Victoria Salmon, Monica Alcazar-Duarte, Pedro Siammas,

Valentin Musteata, Michael Breaky, Logan B

With support from The Midi Music Company, Ayia Mavri Winery

Premiered 12 June 2013, The Glassroom, Laban, London, UK


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